Interview with "Dr. Dorothy"

How long have you been doing what you do and how did you get to be a Natural Fertility Expert?

I’d like to answer with question with a story about how I got into doing what I do.

When I started out in this field, years ago, I got an internship in an infertility acupuncture clinic. Luckily for me, she literally wrote the book on acupuncture for fertility. I saw hundreds of patients, all trying to get pregnant, and typically with the miracle combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, it worked! However, there were also those cases where it took longer than usual, or more than a few months. While I studied, I integrated what I learned into my life. I ate according to what Chinese principles prescribed I should, and I slowed down, even when life told me to go-go-go. All along, those cases stuck in my mind.

As I worked in my own private practice, I contemplated this mystery. What was the key difference between the cases where treatment worked, and when it did not? In the meanwhile, I lived what I taught my patients and reduced my stress and obligations. I got enough rest and found ways to rejuvenate myself. After much introspection and research, I realized that the difference was that for some women, their everyday lives were so rushed and stressful that they needed more than weekly acupuncture and herbal medicine. These were women with super stressful jobs: high stress lawyers working 80 hour week, airplane pilots flying literally all over the world each day. Or, they were so run down that they would have responded much faster if they were provided with dietary guidance. Their bodies and mind were suffering from a combination of over-giving and under-nourishment. They were severely out of balance.

This was a defining moment in my life. I realized what these women really need is a way to take control of their lives again. They needed to control and manage the stress and dedicate some resources to more consistently and more deeply nourishing themselves. I wanted to re-empower these women, to make them feel like they are in control of their lives and situation. Modern life, with or without fertility treatments, can leave a woman feeling lost and powerless, which is not a positive mindset to be in when you are hoping to bring new life into the world.

My approach includes lifestyle counseling for stress control, so that a woman can do something EACH DAY to improve their fertility. I developed a system that combines acupuncture principles with stress management and personalized lifestyle guidelines to help women take charge of their lives and their fertility. In addition, I provide guidance with cleaning up dietary habits, so that your body can get the physical nourishment that it needs. The Standard American Diet (SAD) is usually really lacking in nutrients, and I also tailor your dietary recommendations for your body type. Each body type has different dietary priorities, and what’s great for one woman may not be so good for another.

The third aspect of the services that I provide is that I additionally provide training in rejuvenating qi gong exercises. What is qi gong? It’s kind of like Chinese Yoga. It is gentle, simple, and powerfully rejuvenating breathing exercises and movements that help to restore the energy to your internal organs. This is the secret key that I do not see any other fertility program offering. This is why I say that my program is comprehensive: it covers body, mind and spirit.

Having applied these principles to my own life, I found that conceiving was very easy. My little one is healthy, happy and brings so much joy to life. This is what I wish for my patients as well. With the lifestyle adjustments that I share with my clients, I am able to live each day with purpose and ease.

I have since made a commitment to dedicate my professional life to empowering women when it comes to their fertility. Working together, I help women to realize their dreams of motherhood, and to discover more purpose, balance, and serenity in their lives. Along the way, they become happier, healthier, and find harmony.

Who are your clients exactly?

My clients are typically women between the ages of 28-38. Many are trying for their first baby, though some are already mothers. Often they are very busy, with many demands upon their time. Chinese medicine principles apply to men, too, of course. I do work with men as well. However, the majority of my patients are women, and they choose to try acupuncture for a variety of reasons. Often they are frustrated with the lack of answers from Western medicine. They want to be more proactive about their fertility and they feel that Western medical intervention is too harsh for a first step for them. Or, their doctor doesn’t listen to their concerns. Often, they find the Western medical approach is too technical and impersonal; they don’t feel understood or listened to.

One of the great strengths of my approach is that it is very personal. I take each case to heart and I immensely enjoy traveling with each individual woman through her journey to motherhood.

How are you different from other acupuncturists that specialize in infertility?

I realized after working with infertility for a while, that most women experience stress on a *daily* level. So, while the benefits of acupuncture are definitely there, the peace that they feel, the stress that is gone… It may not stick with them until their next treatment. Or, they are simply so worn out from all the demands of a jam-packed life that there simply are not internal resources available to their body to sustain a healthy pregnancy.

That’s why I created the Fertility in Bloom Program. It addresses all of these underlying themes that are affecting infertility, as well as giving women tools to deal with the demands of modern life in a more healthy way. In order to do this right, I studied with renowned researcher and author Dr. Alice Domar, PhD, MD. Her Mind-Body program has been shown to have success rates of 50%. This, combined with qi gong, personalized nutrition, and lifestyle guidance, is the most comprehensive program I have seen for enhancing fertility.

The Fertility in Bloom Program is a thorough, holistic approach to stress and life management that helps women to not just get physical improvement, but also improve their mind and their spirit! We will work together to prepare body, mind and spirit for motherhood.

What type of woman do you work best with and what is expected of me?

The kind of woman that gets the best results from this program is typically very busy. She often does not even realize how much stress she is under. She is often working and managing the household. She has many commitments to family, friends or organizations. Often there is not very much time that she has for herself. Yet, she is committed to this effort. She knows how important it is to her to become a mother. She is therefore willing to make lifestyle changes that will help her in that journey. She is deeply committed to doing whatever it takes to make this happen.

I ask that my clients commit to the program. This means that they attend every week. Weekly sessions are required. They come with homework, which must be taken seriously. But most women understand what is at stake here, they understand that these classes and homework assignments are designed for their own benefit. We may need to work through some difficult issues, but it is important to have a mind, body, and spirit that are truly ready for conception and motherhood. Weekly treatment sessions are also a part of the program. These appointments are commitments as well, and clients are expected to show up for every one. Consistent care is an important part of the program; women that are committed get the best results. I want the best possible results for every woman, but that means that their level of dedication must at least parallel mine. After all, this is their baby we are talking about.

One thing to know is that our relationship will not go as well if the woman is not willing and open to making changes. I will work with you to find solutions regarding how to change your life to facilitate conception. However, if you are stuck in a negative mind space, where you are not open to finding solutions, your results will not be as quick or noticeable. So, I ask that you only come to see me if you are ready to make changes. If you are not ready yet for changes, then we will not get great results, nor will we enjoy working with each other. I love working with positive women that want to be empowered and take action.

What if you have never worked with a woman with my conditions?

Each woman has a different fertility story. However, in Chinese medicine, we categorize disharmonies based on different parameters than in Western Medicine. So, whether or not I have worked with another woman with your specific individual conditions, most every woman falls within one of a handful of disharmony categories. I also have found that every woman benefits from reducing stress and improving their internal energy stores.

What exactly is the Fertility in Bloom Program™, and what does it include?

The Fertility in Bloom Program is a something I’m very excited about.
There is no other program like it that I’ve seen. It combines principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine to help get your body and spirit ready for conception, with weekly coaching sessions that help you to get your mind and spirit ready for motherhood.

Here is an overview of the Steps:

1. Master the Basics – Get in depth information about fertility & ovulation, and get lifestyle recommendations your healthiest body.

2. Understand Your Body – You will learn the specific needs for your body and particular situation. Each woman's fertility story is different, and so her needs are different. Your health enhancing priorities are probably different from the next woman having trouble trying ton conceive.

3. Nurture Yourself – Learn what kinds of foods, and herbs (optional) your specific body type needs, as well as apply ways to change your emotional self for the better. Learn techniques to replenish and enrich your internal energy stores.

4. Acknowledge & Manage Stressors – We will identify and minimize your stressors so that your body can refocus on reproduction. A body in stress is not a body that is focused on an “extra” like having a baby.

5. Begin Daily Relaxation and Rejuvination – While this may sound like a luxury, in my program this is a requirement. We will explore a variety of ways to do so. I am sure we will find something that works for you.

It’s a customized program that I created to address the needs that American women have to reduce daily stress in their lives and rejuvenate their overtired bodies. It addresses all levels of the human being as a whole. I customize the specifics for each individual client, since each woman’s case is different.

How quickly can I expect results?

I have had women conceive in their first cycle with me. However, each woman’s story is different, so timing will vary. However, I can say that every woman feels their body change while we work together. There are many ways that the body could let you know that it is on the right path and that it is doing better. Perhaps that is ovulating more predictably, perhaps increased libido, perhaps increased energy, or perhaps it is the rediscovered ability to sing in the shower. Your body will respond better and faster if you are more willing to listen to the advice and do the work necessary.

How long is the program?

Typically, the Fertility in Bloom program takes around 10 weeks to complete. Each week you will have one session. In between, you will have time to implement changes and review your progress. Together we will trouble shoot different aspect of your life and help you to become prepared for motherhood.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we take Visa and Mastercard as well as debit cards. We also accept cash and personal checks.

I’m not sure if I am ready. Is there a way to sample your work at low cost?

I do write a weekly e-news that you can subscribe to. This, while not particularly fertility related most of the time, is about general wellness. The big idea behind the Fertility in Bloom Program is that a healthy body and mind acts young and fertile, while an unhealthy body and mind do not. You can get an idea of my general methodology through it. You will find specific and directive tips about how to live a more balanced life. Sometimes I will write articles about Chinese medicine concepts, which many people find interesting as well. It is a very different philosophy that I am working with. Most people find it enchanting once they begin to understand it. I encourage you to subscribe to my newsletter so that you can explore it for yourself. Know however that the newsletter just gives you a tiny fleeting glimpse, while the program is immersive and transformative.


Dr. Pang has been part of my team of alternative health providers. I fell in love with the princess crown treatment. I always said that that's the main reason why I can deal with difficult situations in my life. I have refer my friends and clients to her because her knowledge and professionalism.
- Claudia S.

…So far, I've gone twice and am already feeling better than I was from a potential pinched nerve I had, which caused numbing, tingling and pain in my body. After my 1st acupuncture session, the tingling went away and a lot of the numbing sensation.
- Michelle H.

Dorothy is a life saver! I have had problems with sleeping and stress and after just a few treatments I was feeling like myself again. Dorothy is very professional and her office is very comfortable. She is organized and gives you lots of personal attention.
- Kari H.

Dorothy took the time to ask me about my overall health from head to toe and helped to consult me on what would help me with several other ailments that have been on going for the past few years. After multiple treatments today I can move my shoulders now more than I've been able to since I can remember…
- Michael R.

After experiencing it, I am now a firm believer of acupuncture.  Who would have known that sticking needles in me would make my pain go away? Dorothy was very informative of the whole process. Dorothy was very gentle.  She explained everything she was doing as she was doing it…
- Aura J

Dorothy is extremely knowledgeable about how to optimize health in the human body. She also really cares about her patients and takes the time to listen to what is happening in her client's lives… I have had more energy, overall health, and gained more knowledge about my body and my health from my sessions with Dorothy than with any other acupuncturist before.
- Nicole W.

I was treated for about 3 months and feel great. I was petrified of needles and was very nervous for my first session. She explained the process and made me feel comfortable from the beginning.  Office and rooms are clean and welcoming. Atmosphere is relaxing. She is friendly, observant, caring, thorough and understanding…
- Yana I.

I am basking now in the afterglow of treatment number two. I feel light and tingly and energized. I am truly frightened of needles, but Dorothy's touch is gentle, and the space she's created is serene.  After my first treatment, my partner and I could already see a difference in my face.
- Kirsty L.