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Dr. Pang has been part of my team of alternative health providers. I fell in love with the princess crown treatment. I always said that that's the main reason why I can deal with difficult situations in my life. I have refer my friends and clients to her because her knowledge and professionalism.
- Claudia S.

…So far, I've gone twice and am already feeling better than I was from a potential pinched nerve I had, which caused numbing, tingling and pain in my body. After my 1st acupuncture session, the tingling went away and a lot of the numbing sensation.
- Michelle H.

Dorothy is a life saver! I have had problems with sleeping and stress and after just a few treatments I was feeling like myself again. Dorothy is very professional and her office is very comfortable. She is organized and gives you lots of personal attention.
- Kari H.

Dorothy took the time to ask me about my overall health from head to toe and helped to consult me on what would help me with several other ailments that have been on going for the past few years. After multiple treatments today I can move my shoulders now more than I've been able to since I can remember…
- Michael R.

After experiencing it, I am now a firm believer of acupuncture.  Who would have known that sticking needles in me would make my pain go away? Dorothy was very informative of the whole process. Dorothy was very gentle.  She explained everything she was doing as she was doing it…
- Aura J

Dorothy is extremely knowledgeable about how to optimize health in the human body. She also really cares about her patients and takes the time to listen to what is happening in her client's lives… I have had more energy, overall health, and gained more knowledge about my body and my health from my sessions with Dorothy than with any other acupuncturist before.
- Nicole W.

I was treated for about 3 months and feel great. I was petrified of needles and was very nervous for my first session. She explained the process and made me feel comfortable from the beginning.  Office and rooms are clean and welcoming. Atmosphere is relaxing. She is friendly, observant, caring, thorough and understanding…
- Yana I.

I am basking now in the afterglow of treatment number two. I feel light and tingly and energized. I am truly frightened of needles, but Dorothy's touch is gentle, and the space she's created is serene.  After my first treatment, my partner and I could already see a difference in my face.
- Kirsty L.